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Auberge du Chalet des Enfants

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021 784 44 .. <-Afficher No complet
Route du Chalet des Enfants Le Mont-sur-Lausanne Lausanne 1052 46.575 6.66492
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne


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grade (51 votes)6.42 /
cuisine 6.20
atmosphere: 6.84
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Volo van
Volo van
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I am troubled by my last visit to Cottage children. If my entry (minced chicken with absinthe) was light, tasty and original, that of my partners (and pumpkin soup soup Jorat robbers) were bland and uninteresting. Main dish (assorted specialties Vaud) same perplexity: sausage, sausage and atrial are of good quality even if the latter would benefit more than hardy. For the cons papet is slightly acidic and too sweet for my taste. The site is beautiful and interesting wine but a little heat in the service would increase the charm of the whole.

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