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Le jardin Thaï

price category:: 30.- to 60.-
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rue du Petit-Chêne 34 Lausanne Lausanne 1003 46.5183 6.63013
1003 Lausanne


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cuisine 5.45
atmosphere: 4.42
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Lu Ma Me Je Ve Sa Di
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I went there on April 4 with a friend. We booked the brasserie. So upon arrival, we are somewhat disappointed by the decor and ambience a bit "cheap" compared to the Thai side. The choice is quite restricted on the map. Prices vary between 30 .- and 40 .- for the main course. We took the duck. The meat was good but a little overcooked. So to the kitchen, to say nothing special. For cons, the service is a bit light. There were not many customers it and yet it seemed to be a little neglected ... It was not necessarily bad but I will not return. First, because the dishes on the menu were not too interesting and secondly I find that in general it's not worth the price displayed, even if it remains in the average. In short, I do not recommend the brewery. Thai try again.

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