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8 Rue de la Confédération Genève Genève 1204 46.20348 6.14529
1204 Genève


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cuisine 4.70
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alinegeneve Utilisateur Verifie par SMS
1 medals
22-Oct-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
I came more is a very good restaurant (food) even though the servers (one large and one small = make a pair!) was nonexistent (20/10/2011) I should point out that information because I find it repetitive tro

Dictée Zero Pointé
Dictée Zero Pointé
39 medals
16-Aug-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
I would not longer as hard as my predecessors. Delivery of the plateau in 35 minutes, cooking rice good, proper presentation, despite the trip and well prepared fish, more than decent for a dish delivered to your home defects, the price too high, and telephone contact during the order turned out to bordering on rude

Mon' Utilisateur Verifie par SMS
1 medals
28-Jul-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
We made an order by phone. On arrival the addition was not playing - CHF 12.00 in our favor - and after verification, missing 6 pieces of California Shrimp Tempura (We asked for 12 pieces) that are charged CHF 13.50. On the website it costs CHF 13.50 but this price does not match that charged CHF 15.00. On the other hand, we ordered the salmon-california Mison, who arrived without the seaweed and the lawyer. So we called to ask for explanations, and the only explanation we received ayions is that we went to the French site!! In summary, the home phone was deplorable limit offensive. All that to say, you should take 15 minutes and get your sushi in the stores directly without going through Sad ...

Lili1233 Utilisateur Verifie par SMS
6 medals
06-Jun-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Order is placed by phone. I ask that the repeat, you never know. It will have served some purpose. We bill all, but it receives only half (50 minutes) then I ask that leads the rest of the order. Gesture of goodwill, we are a gift of a 10 %.... I guess it's worth the price that the sympathetic comments of the deliveryman, arrived another 50 minutes later, "but you have already eaten all the rest? "Yeah dude. It's just 2 hours is expected. Finally, a beautiful half will end in the trash ... and brown rice sushi guy suffocation. But hey, Miso soup was not bad.

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