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  • Kai Zen restaurant | 03-Sep-07 |

    Decor is great, menu includes english translation, staff speak good engligh too. The Prices are on the high side. Some minor annoyances - wrong beer glasses, some of the food a little over complicated.

  • La Bonne Affaire | 03-Sep-07 |

  • des Bouchers | 22-Mar-07 |

    It can be noisy when you eat outside - it's a very busy road. Inside the decor is cosy but a bit dated.

  • Happy Days | 22-Mar-07 |

    After some confusion with our booking we had a great time here. Food, atmosphere and service all great.

  • Château d'Ouchy | 20-Mar-07 |

    Perfect. Not many customers the night i was there, otherwise it was very very good.

  • Thaï Orchidée | 20-Mar-07 |

    What a great find! We just loved it. The crazy, over the top, oriental decor is perfect. I really felt I was back in Asia again. Lots of great Thai food, perfect service, and right next to the flon car parking. How easy is that!

  • Abyssinia | 20-Mar-07 |

    Let's says it's different! I really don't like sitting like this. Nowhere for us to put our glasses. And we split food all over ourselves. It was a mess!

  • MYO | 20-Mar-07 |

    Expensive but great. It took a while for me to feel comfortable in the chairs provided, but the service and atmosphere are perfect. I recommend you visit!

  • L'Accademia | 20-Mar-07 |

    I had lunch here 3 days in a row, and breakfast many times too. It is very reliable - good quality food, atmosphere. The menu is up to date an interesting. What a great locaction!

  • Poco Loco | 19-Mar-07 |

    I really wanted Mexican, and this was a little disapointing. They were busy and the service was slow. We were out on a balcony on a windy night too. Probably ok for the teenagers to kick off a night in the Flon. Or; if like me; you are just desperate for some Mexican instead of pizza, pizza, pizza!

  • le Boccalino | 19-Mar-07 |

    I don't know why this has such a low rating on this site. The decor is up to date 9sort of) and the food is ok. The pizza menu is huge, and let's face it, the location is great. If your going for a walk at Ouchy and need a quick meal for the family, this is a sure bet. I think if you rember you are paying for the location, it make up for it. Good one for the tourists!

  • Taverne de l'Uni | 19-Mar-07 |

    I've been here a few times and I just love it. On the one hand the decor is not up to date, but this makes it more relaxing. The service is speedy, the price and food are agreeable too. But be warned, take away pizza is not available before 18:20 exactly!!!

  • le Milan | 19-Mar-07 |

    Really relaxing and friendly service. There are three sections, we were in the middle on near the salad bar - which was only used by the staff all night to serve to customers which was strange. I enjoyed the curry milan risotto which was served in 2 portions. Recommended.

  • L'Etoile Blanche | 06-Oct-02 |

    Effectivement, c'est tres bon. Mais franchement... vu le cadre joli mais pas exceptionnel, le brouhaha constant, le trop-plein de fumee, les tables trop rapprochees et le service sympa mais pas d'un grand raffinement... peut-on vraiment justifier des plats à CHF 40.- voir CHF 50.- ?Sans parler des 6 vendeurs de roses et des representants de deux marques de cigarettes differentes qui viennent sans arret troubler le repas...A recommander cote plats, mais prix et service sont a soigner...


  • Le Comptoir | 06-Oct-02

    Toujours aussi bon et le decor a encore ete ameliore. Il faudrait plus de restos ou de bars de ce style a geneve ! Nourriture vraiment excellente, prix raisonnables et en plus ouvert le dimanche soir ! Que demander de plus ?

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